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Picture this; You’re relaxing in a hammock, sipping your coffee with a breathtaking view of the surrounding forest. You spend your day hiking in nature and swimming in a natural pool.

Your evening gets more interesting with a bonfire party, live music and good company. Later, you end your night admiring the night sky and eventually doze off to the sound of a flowing river. 


Sounds fun? We just described your typical day at Hinterland.

Luxury & Nature under one roof.

We’re a camping site located near Indore. Our site offers a spectacular view of an adjoining river & forest. In addition, we provide multiple accommodation options for our guests to choose their stay as per their comfort. 


However, we’re much more than a campsite. We want you to blow off some steam, take a break and simply relax in nature. Cause life’s getting a bit hectic, no?

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