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Experience Nature Authentically

Picture this; You’re relaxing in a hammock, sipping your coffee with a breathtaking view of the surrounding forest. You spend your day hiking in nature and swimming in a natural pool, followed by sunset by the river.  


Your evening gets more interesting with a bonfire party, live music and good company. Later, you end your night admiring the night sky and eventually doze off to the sound of a flowing river. 


Sounds fun? We just described your typical day at Hinterland.

About Our Space

Hinterland is an ultimate destination for people looking to experience authentic camping and glamping. Located just an hour away from Indore, the property is every camper’s dream come true with an adjoining river, forest and a natural pool to relax in. We have brought luxury and nature under one roof with comfortable swiss tents, good food and a riverside spa. 


However, it’s not the site that makes us unique but the experience we deliver. Our idea of relaxation is to steer clear of distractions and let nature heal you. That is why we have curated activities that allow our guests to relax, heal and enjoy the present.

How it all began

We started Hinterland in 2019 with the sole purpose; to bring an authentic camping experience to Indore. To be fair, the idea behind Hinterland was born out of frustration rather than inspiration. We noticed that an average lifestyle was being continually filled with stress and wanted to break this monotony with nature. 


Since our inception, we are striving to deliver an authentic camping experience while also building a supportive community of like-minded folks. For us, it has always been more than camping. It's about sparking creativity, inspiring and providing a platform for our guests to express themselves with nature on their side


"When people talk about finding calm in chaos, it can be through various outlets. For me, when I was in Indore - it meant Hinterland. Believe it or not, this place will surprise you! From writing in my journal for 2 hours under a massive tree to climbing canyons to connecting with some amazing people over just a song, Hinterland was one brilliant experience."


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